Friday, January 08, 2016

daredevil: violence and the sexy male

"He made me feel safe not because he was gentle but because I knew he was capable of violence and cruelty that I was confident he would never direct at me." Alana Massey, in Matter

I guess I should be a little embarrassed about this, but the first thing that came to mind was Daredevil, particularly the Daredevil depicted in Netflix's version of the story. This could be Karen Page talking about her experience with the man in the mask (as she considers him). And note also Foggy's reaction to learning that Matt is actually the man in the mask: why doesn't Matt use the law, the way that the law is supposed to work?

Murdock's response is the story about the guy abusing his little girl, about the mother denying it, about the law's ineptitude and inaction in the case. The only way to deal with this situation is by beating the crap out of the horrible father and threatening him with further violence.

Of course we don't believe that. Let's say this: even when that scene was running I'm saying "i don't believe it." That father will abuse her again inevitably and it will be outside of Matt's super hearing. That little girl will be abused and he won't be able to prevent it. And let's assume for the moment that he could prevent it, that the father was completely imbued with the fear of God, the little girl's trauma will not go away, she still  has experienced that horror, and no amount of contusions and lacerations on her miserable father's face will heal that wound. Something else must happen.

Does the series resolve that in any way? Part of the strength of the show is that Kingpin is so damaged himself. The obvious connection between Daredevil and Kingpin is that they both resort to violence to solve their problems. But, we see where Kingpin's backstory. He came from a damaged family, from a violent father, the painting, and the enabling woman. So Kingpin is also the guy that Massey goes out with. Ironically he winds up hurting, indirectly, Vanessa. But the psychology is kinda obvious? We don't see that Kingpin's mother ever abused him, in fact they both reacted to an insupportable situation, with violence, yes, but because violence was the only solution. Little Wilson had to kill his father in the same way that Matt had to beat the crap out of the abusive father.

But Massey still wants to believe in that character, we all do. That's the world we live in? Corrupt cops, judges, and politicians? Ruthless criminals, who will balk at no violence however brutal.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I wish I knew where this was.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ruin Porn

"The sentimental theory of æstheticising the architecture of grimy manufacturing centres."

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Reading, April 23

Here's a link to a poem I like a lot: Factory Town by Austin Smith

Monday, April 06, 2015

napowrimo day 6: aubade

Good morning, red-shouldered hawk.
Like me you rise for breakfast,
you perch on the telephone wire
that leads to my computer.

You must be dangerous
but the cottontail
continues to browse
the garden while the gray
squirrel fearlessly raids
the feeder:
his own drive-up window.

Why won't you eat? I wouldn't
miss any of those critters,
the felonious squirrel, the fecund
rabbit, and your stern and querying
gaze is sympathetic to my mood
as I browse the news and the
lastest outrage.

The squirrel's more ambitious than me.
He turns over the soil to bury his acorns
and piqued by your presence
till he cannot abide it
begins to chase you away
feinting towards you till you
fly away. I understand. The noisy ones
drive me crazy too.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

napowrimo day 2

Orion is asking something of me.
I take off my specs, I
hunt by my deciduous
feet, descendent from
my despicable heart,
and arrows arose
their points so sharp
they might break your
skin: if only you could
keep them honed
and only home can do
what we want,  only heart,
only heat, at the hearth
where that lonely huntsman
dying just out of reach
of some redeeming
god or goddess, her heart
aching, for your piteous
state, for her futility,
and so you will never
taste her sweet lips again.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

napowrimo day 1: incredible shrinking man

“. . . we were very small and very far away.”
--Steven Millhauser

. . . as infinitesimal
as the facets of a single
grain of salt where I
now stand and see,
beneath me a further

row of facets through
the glassy floor of the salt
a rougher texture than I
expected—gritty, like salt
rubbed between

the thumb and fingertip,
now so huge, like two air
ships colliding
majestically above me
and grinding between

their whorled
surfaces more salt.
A grain in my eye is burning
and now I see it’s
another cube

and now I slip between
the molecules
themselves as big as airships
Beyond my sight
something I cannot

encompass: no ladder
no grain, no airship
only something
very small and very
far away that looks

back at me.